Photo Gallery

Spree 2016 Images
*Photos by Lou Owoc*

Speaker Collage

Michael & Bailey Bowers, Duffy Robbins, & James Barnett

Closeup Collage

Sing a new song to him, play well & joyfully (Psalm 33:3)

Canon Collage2

Canon Concert

Game Night Collage

Game Night!

spree 1

God’s Word being shared through message and music

spree 2

Fun from the stage!

spree 3

Make a joyful noise to the LORD!

Boggs collage 1

Boggs and company leading us in worship

boggs collage 2

Worship through music

boggs collage 3

Great is the LORD and most worthy of our praise

brave collage 1

A few pics of the crowd and stage

brave collage 2

More pics of the crowd, and some impressive artwork!

brave collage 3

Family isn’t always defined by who lives in your home

brave collage 4 (canon)

Sunday night concert with Canon!

hallway collage 1

Thankful for Community Servants & Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself for being with us this year!

hallway collage 2

Just a few of the questions we had students reflect on in the lobby before worship

speakers collage 1

Michael & Bailey Bowers sharing the word with us

speakers collage 2

Duffy Robbins, James Barnett, and Michael Bowers sharing God’s word with us


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